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Thread: Texas Autocross Weekend?

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    UTA will be hosting the 7th annual "Texas Autocross Weekend" on 13 through 15 July 2007. The original intent was for Texas and Oklahoma schools to get together, but it has grown to a national event with schools from Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Ohio, Canada, Alabama, South Dakota etc. joining us for a weekend of pure FSAE. This is a time to let your hair down and share secrets and drive each other's cars.

    The venue is an open house Friday afternoon at the UTA shop to view our fleet of 20 cars and to do any last minute repairs. Friday night we will have a social at my house to view videos and play games. Saturday will be a practice at UTA's big lot with a FSAE course in the morning and a SCCA-style course in the afternoon. Saturday night will be another get together sponsored by Texas Engineering Systems to hear about features of SolidWorks and Cosmos. On Sunday, we will attend the Texas Region's monthly autocross dubbed the "Carroll Smith Memorial" event in honor of Carroll and FSAE. This year, the SCCA autocross will be held at the Texas Motor Speedway on the infield course for qualified drivers.

    Saturday's driving is open to anyone and will be timed by our local autocross club Equipe Rapide. SCCA will allow 2 or 3 drivers per car on Sunday.

    It appears that this event will have more sponsorship, display cars, and more participation. See our reports on previous events on our website http://maepro.uta.edu/fsae/autox.html.

    Please e-mail me directly if you intend to attend.

    -Dr. Bob Woods

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    Awesome, it finally doesn't coincide with the MotoGP race- OU will make a strong appearance, with something so crazy, I can't even begin to imagine how crazy it will be.
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    Tassels on the push-bar and the car!?!?

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    Wichita State should be able to make it.

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    Is this the biggest gathering of FSAE cars in the US other that east and west?
    Mike D
    UTSA 04-

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    There's been a practice event in Fontana for the past two years. I think this past year we had Cal Poly SLO, Cal Poly Pomona, UCSD, UC Irvine, and CSUN. More cars showed up the year before but I can't recall the count. Back in the day there was the West Coast Conference as well.

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    Texas Motor Speedway, Infield Course, I AM SOOOOOO THERE!
    - Erick

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    So far, I count OU w/ 2 cars, Kansas w/ 2, UTSA w/ 1+, the Aggies, and Wichita State. And at this point it looks like UT will be there w/ 3 cars. Plus however many of their own UTA runs. So that makes at least 13 or 14 cars thus far.

    Sounds like another good event in the making! Looking forward to it!
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    I think kansas state is going to try to make it.
    Chris Meissen

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    SD School of Mines will have 2 cars there- definately looking forward to a fun weekend!

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