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Thread: Texas Autocross Weekend?

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    Will there be one this year? if so when?
    Mike D
    UTSA 04-

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    Will there be one this year? if so when?
    Mike D
    UTSA 04-

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    When I asked at Detroit they said it would probably be the same weekend as last year. Using my shirt as a reference that would be the 22nd and 23rd of July.
    Jared Anderson
    University of Kansas
    Jayhawk Motorsports FSAE

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    Texas Autocross Weekend will coincide with the Carroll Smith Memorial Autocross held in July with the Texas Region SCCA. I am sure Dr. Woods will be posting something soon in regards to TAX Weekend.

    I hope we can get a number of schools (and cars) running on track. If you can't bring a car, come anyways because it's a good time and nothing else quite like it.
    - Erick

    FSAE ('99 '00 '01 '02 '03 '04 '05 pit stop '07)
    FSAE Australasia '00
    FSAE Japan '04

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    Its July 14&15, Dr. Woods will give details soon.

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    =[ i know OU will go, and will most likely bring two cars if they have access to a big trailer, but i sadly will not be able to make it =[ ... will i never get another chance at Kohler?..o'well I'd probably just lose again. =]
    University of Oklahoma alum
    Sooner Racing team...sae.ou.edu
    " I see no point in being the richest man in the cemetery."
    "Bail!! Bail!!"

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    So does that mean that theres an open seat in the '07 Oklahoma car...Cause, you know im always up for driving another teams formula car : )

    That goes for you guys too UTA, even if its just the old 2005 car again...

    Several people and a couple cars should be attending from Kansas this year as well.


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    UTSA will be there, with at least the 06 car. hopefuly we'll have both of em though.

    Mike D
    President 06-08
    Mike D
    UTSA 04-

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    I'm sure we can find a driver for SRT 07.

    But our '05 car.... Everyone should drive a FSAE-plane-dirt track hybrid once in their lives.
    OU Sooner Racing Team Alum '09


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    Texas A&M should be there this year, we love this event!
    FSAE West 2006 Champs - Texas A&M

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