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Thread: Fuel rail

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    Hi, my name is Amr Ibrahim and I'm member of the HFS racing team
    I'm from Egypt

    I am trying to design a fuel system for Honda CBR600rr
    The problem I am having is the fuel system is return less
    and i wanna to convert it to return fuel system

    so i want to ask if there a fuel rail with adjustable regulator or not
    if not can i get adjustable regulator and install it with old rail

    and how i can make sure that this regulator will be match with old rail or not

    thank you and any feedback would be greatly appreciated

    any feedback would be greatly appreciated

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    if it is a steel fuel rail you can convert it to a return style rail. We cut both ends off our stock rail and used an AN weld-on fitting at each end. the rest is simply plumbing the fuel system. Pressure regulator on the return side obviously. have two cars running this way, no problems.

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