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Thread: Why didn't you finish endurance?

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    I didn't get a chance to ask some of the teams but i noticed a couple big names teams got pulled from endurance in the afternoon session and I was wondering what the reasons for it where. The big 3 I remember seeing while in the que where UTA, RMIT, and Texas A&M...

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    10-32 right-rear pull-rod rodend failure....

    curse that bumpy parking lot....

    University of Toronto
    Finished @ UofT Racing

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    The Auburn guys told me the car didn't restart at the driver change. Apparently no RPM signal. It was not overheated (less than 100C) and the battery didn't give up during all the cranking either. When they got back to the trailer it fired right up. Hopefully they are able to track it down and prevent it from coming back!
    -Charlie Ping

    Auburn FSAE Alum 00-04

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    Lehigh had a front roller bearing failure and an engine malfunction. I think it would be nice for people to post pictures of the mechanical failures...

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    Oregon State had 1/4-28 rod end failure on the left rear push rod at the a-arm side.

    At some point the clearance between the shoulder bolt and the spacers on the a-arm mount became very large. This combined with a last minute ride height adjustment before endurance and very low tolerances between the rod end and a-arm caused the rod end to become lodged against the a-arm and the rod end failed in bending.
    Josh Gillett
    Oregon State FSAE '04-'06

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    We put a nice big hole in our block and spilled oil all over the track... still trying to figure out exactly what caused the failure... an engine tear-down tomorrow should give us some insight

    Matt Gignac
    McGill Racing Team

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    we finished... with a decent time...

    and then got four minutes tacked onto our time for using too much fuel... earning us a total of zero points for endurance... our overall standing for FSAE 2005 went from about 30th to 59th place because of this one penalty... i guess sometimes thats how it goes.

    Jeff Cortes
    Jeff Cortes

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    Our lower ball joint brackets on our uprights got wanked (over the course of 11 laps), and we got black flagged. I'm glad the stewards noticed it, actually, because I hadn't, and they werne't far from letting go, I suspect.

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    The right half-shalf broke at the splines and we lost the right rear wheel. It was something I would never have suspected to happen.
    Didier Beaudoin
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    Well after several months of thrashing and breaking everything on the car...UA was 11th after the autocross, so we were proud of that until the first lap of the endurance when a weld broke on our steering arm. We think it fatigued to failure since we had been driving it so much over the past 2.5 months. We will definitely look at this next year to prevent this from happening again!

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