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Thread: FSAE-A 2010 - Pictures

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    I would think that was photoshopped if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

    Awesome shot!


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    How's going Kevin.

    ECU's Martini car looked great! Spotted the gold foil in the engine bay, very nice =)

    I've got a LOT of photos of the ECU car (I can't help to take pictures of looking things in general).

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    And half a lap later there were reports over the radio about water coming out of car number 14.

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    Sorry I've removed the pictures from flickr.

    Need to make some adjustments..

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    I was standing in the driver change area when Curtin decided to see if their car was amphibious, I can now vouch that it most certainly is. I hope your marketing guys are taking full advantage of this rare feature .

    I thought you guys would be done for sure when that happened. Come to think of it Curtin has always brought entertainment for me in the driver change area. I was standing in there in 2006 when one of the drivers went off course and had a head on with the water barrier right in front of where we were standing.


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    I thought our car was gone too, the sidepod that went into the water was also the side that we had our ECU attached. One of our team members managed to catch the crash on video and when you slow it down the crash looks very bad not sure how we didnt break an a-arm. Hopefully this video will be on youtube soon.
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    CMT video footage is now available on youtube
    www. youtube .com/ watch?v=4Ns8nnsibXA
    It has several small clips including boat capability testing
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    It is!

    It's a bit of a way into the video though.
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    I also remember walking the track in the morning and saying " gee you'd have to have a decent crack to end up in the water" so all i can say from that is the curtain driver must have been having a crack haha
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