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Thread: Texas Autocross Weekend 2006

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    I figured Dr. B would mention that in his report : ) WHen is that getting posted by the way?


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    I just wanted you to know kohler that I was totally going about 70% both days. I'm gonna smoke you at Nats.
    Erich Ohlde
    Jayhawk Motorsports
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    All electrical components and wiring harnesses depend on proper circuit functioning, which is the transmission of charged ions by retention of the visible spectral manifestation known as "smoke". Smo

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    Yeah, I am sure Dr. Woods will post something soon to summarize the weekends events. I bet he will make a note here as well. I am sure the in car video will follow shortly, provided there is good sound.


    Really??? 70%... Wow. That would make you guys like... totally fast. Besides, everyone knows I am not elligible for the Dr. Bob Cup. Hopefully I am back up to speed by Nats as well. I look forward to racing on that new surface even if the rumor is that it's a little slippery.
    - Erick

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