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Thread: Design Report Images

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    For the start-up teams...

    These type of design tools; using hyperlinks between CAD parts, simple assemblies, and complex assemblies; realises the power of CAD.

    The co-operation and ease of iteration between the chassis and suspension geometry is IMO the most difficult and time-consuming task in the initial design process.

    If you get it "happening" the design of these cars is so much quicker.

    Recently I had the misfortune of trying to use the AutoDesk Inventor software.. (in a "Professional" race team's "design centre")

    It was absolutely f***ing useless. A complete joke. There was NO WAY you could do this sort of flexible design using that package.

    Get yourself a CAD package that can reliably and easily link between models and external tabular data.

    I have used Solid Edge and Solid Works for these type of design assemblies. Both are quite capable of these tasks.


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    sweet Tim,

    how close is that muffler to the ground?

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    Thanks...and its 1.75" off the ground

    Tim Isenberg

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    might that cause heartache in the "noise test"?

    just a guess...

    but then again i've seen a team (can't remember who) use a tip that "points" directly at the ground

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    Those are remarkable. Your pictures in last years design report impressed me but these ones are considerably better. It's a shame that they won't get us a win in Design.

    We went with the draft style layout pictures, kind of boring pictures but I'm proud of the car. On our optional page we decided to include mostly pictures of the stuff we made. It was damn hard to limit it to one page worth. I think that I have about 4500 pictures of this car (no exaggeration) and I had a tough time choosing which ones to include.

    What have other teams been including on the optional page?

    First link is in MS Word and has full resolution pictures. The second one is .pdf

    Tim, I am a big fan of the UW-Madison car. Nice work. Any other teams willing to share picures?

    James Waltman
    Vehicle Research Institute at
    Western Washington University

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    Continuing the off topic theme....Interesting to see other peoiples approaches, and how even though people are on different continents, the results are nearly all the same.... Frank, that spreadhseet is almost the same as mine, and a suspect a lot of others, with the exception of the linking to the CAD system, something I think worthwhile investigating.

    James, your Sophomores spreadsheet sounds similar to this:




    except mines only in 2D, it also includes a very basic kinematic analysis, useful as the parameters are quickly changeable so you can get a starting point very quickly.

    This then gets exported via another(!) spreadsheet into ADAMS values, and even though ADAMS calculates roll centres differently, its not too far off. Next on the agenda is to incorporate tyre stiffness into it.

    What does everyone do regarding handling? I have created a few more basic spreadhseets for 2D bicycle models, only linear tyres at the minute, and havnt had a chance to quantify how accurate, have tried pair analysis, but havnt got much out of it

    edit: hmm, geocities doesnt like remote linking, try


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    Here are a couple of random renderings of UIUC's car. These aren't what was used in the design report though.

    Eric Wort
    UIUC Formula SAE

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    Hey Denny,

    Great job on the drawing submissions! They look great! I can't wait to see that car at competition this year. If the pictures are any sample of what the design report is like, I think we should all be watching out for Washington.

    Denny, what is the status of your car?? Running yet?

    - Erick

    FSAE ('99 '00 '01 '02 '03 '04 '??)

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    Thanks for the kind words. How's your car looking this year?

    Our frame sections are being bonded & bolted together tonight, with 80% of the parts ready to bolt on as soon as that's done. We're about a month later than last year's car, but it's a revolutionary change in design and manufacturing for us, so that's to be expected. The next two weeks, we'll be "in labor" delivering this baby I can't wait to see it!

    University of Washington Formula SAE ('98, '99, '03, '04)

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    Check your PM

    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy

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