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Thread: Design Report Images

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    Finally, we're done with the design report! I've spent way too long working on these images, so I thought I'd share them with everybody here. We're pretty proud, this is a revolutionary design for us from the top-level on down to most components.

    University of Washington Design Images

    Anybody else care to share theirs?

    University of Washington Formula SAE ('98, '99, '03, '04)

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    Wow Denny, after all the rubbish I had to wade through on the 'plane from Australia last year, you can't believe how pleased I am that at least one team heard what I had to say about illustrations that actually showed the judges what your car was all about.
    Congratulations mate, Magnificent!!!

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    Denny, do you mind me asking exactly how you came up with these images?

    are they from a package that specialises in rendering solid models?

    or are those images from the CAD package itself?


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    a question for Pat..

    these "drawings" ..

    i remember people saying DONT use 3D renderings, DO use drafts

    should this be modified to read ONLY use 3D renders if they are good.. otherwise use drafts?



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    The only thing I can say is Damn!!!!!!
    Those are nice. What program did you use to do that?

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    Damn Denny, I don't think I'd share our photos after seing those. And we were really proud of ours..... tried to follow Pat's advice (a first for our team).... but not to that level.... we only had Pro-E available though.... what else did you use? Lightwave/3d-Max/other?

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    Left Front
    Right Rear, right wheels removed
    Haldex Limited Slip Coupling (for AWD system)

    Not on par with Washinton's but I did do all the modelling myself, except for the haldex unit and a few odd bits.

    Ben Beacock
    2004 Gryphon Racing - University of Guelph

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    I like your pictures, for AWD that's a pretty well-packaged car.

    Thanks for all the compliments! And thanks Pat for all the tips on the forum and in you FSAE-A newsletter articles.

    Our CAD model has 2000 parts in it this year, I couldn't do it all by myself if I wanted to

    The images came out of SolidWorks directly, with layering in Photoshop. We didn't even use PhotoWorks for rendering this year. Just set up the lighting you want in the assembly, get the shading properties right on your parts, and you can get good-looking images.

    To get the final images, I set up a drawing file for each view. Then I saved a lineart version (file-saveas-TIF; options: print capture, "C" paper, 300dpi). After that, I changed to shaded mode, removed the wheels, frame, etc. for each view, and saved another TIF. By the way, these were 6600x5100 pixel images, so it took a while but the detail is very good. For layering, I opened up photoshop, pasted the lineart and shaded versions of each view into a PSD, with the lineart on top. Then change the lineart layer blending to "multiply", so you can see the shaded image through the lines. Crop, save as a JPEG, downsize to 50% so the file isn't huge, and off you go.

    University of Washington Formula SAE ('98, '99, '03, '04)

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    Thanks Denny,

    I'm really impressed with how your outlines define the components. I tried the same thing, but get too many lines and it looks cluttered. (I use IDEAS v9)

    2000 components is quite a feat! For reference mine is only about 350.


    Ben Beacock
    2004 Gryphon Racing - University of Guelph

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