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Thread: Adhesive coefficient between tires and road

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    Adhesive coefficient between tires and road

    Hi everyone, I am Swapnil Singh from Team Spitfire from India. I wanted to know how to calculate the adhesion coefficient between tires and road for different conditions.I tried on internet but didn't get sufficient knowledge about it.So, can anyone help me with this calculation or at least give some idea where I can refer to ......in order to clarify my doubt.

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    Have you searched this forum sufficiently? If you had, you would know the answer; TTC.

    Also, why is this posted on the competitions sub-forum?

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    I tried to search on this forum too.....I would be really thankful if you would direct me to the concerned link.

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    Stop being an ass!
    You have posted in the incorrect sub forum.
    You have asked a pretty dumb and unanswerable question.
    And the answer Harry gave you was to spend the $500 and join the TTC, where most if not all,
    the answers to your questions can be found!

    The trick is... There is no trick

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    Yes sir,I admit my mistake of posting the matter in a wrong forum. And I am also sorry for this immature question. The only thing is I am inexperienced and a bit curious
    Thank You

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