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Thread: 2018 FSAE Michigan

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    2018 FSAE Michigan

    Let’s get this party started.

    Things to look forward to at FSAE-M 2018:
    - Endurace lap length extended by ~25% so more cars can fit on the track, may include a bit of the banking from the speedway. Added length will also be more challenging for drivers to memorize.
    - Note: photo area will be eliminated and test area is moved. No one will be able to leave from the back gate while endurance is going on!
    - FSAE app launches to improve spectator experience and aid teams.
    - 2nd year of the 710cc rules. See if any teams try capitalize on larger disp.
    - 2nd year of all dynamic events open on Friday.

    Returning Top 10:
    001 - Stuttgart (seems like it’s their comp to lose)
    002 - GFR (will challenge for the overall win)
    003 - TUG (will also challenge for the top)
    005 - Michigan (Turbo power could unseat the Germans)
    006 - San Jose (Triumph Triple, no replacement for displacement!)
    007 - Minnesota (Newcomers to the Top 10, Amazing finish last year, can they repeat?)
    008 - Cornell (More turbo power, defending accel champs, could challenge for the podium)
    009 - RIT (A sophisticated package, with some luck they could move up)
    010 - Wisconsin (Consistent strong team, big power to weight, might be their year.)

    And of course many other teams that had bad luck last year are contenders for the top spots.

    Planning to post links to photos, videos and results in this thread. Keep your eyes open.

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    Thanks for the heads up and appreciate giving feedback to the forums, as everyone seems to have mitigated to social media nowadays. Any live streams planned?

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    Design finalists announced -- see http://results.fsaeonline.com/

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    Any links to timing or results?

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    Results are all at the link above. Copied here: http://results.fsaeonline.com

    Dynamics day 1 was characterized by very cold temperatures (40 F) and on-and-off rain and slush. The rain started 15 minutes after the autoX opened, and peaked around lunch time. The tracks slowly dried throughout the afternoon resulting in rapidly dropping lap times in eatery event. Stuttgart timed their final run perfectly with a 49s on a drying track, while Graz was caught out by rain immediately after, which impacted their time and a 52s was the best they could muster for second place.

    Expecting more rain and frigid temperature tomorrow during endurance. Should be mayhem.
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    Endurance has been red-flagged halfway through the morning group due to lightning. Will resume tbd.

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    Preliminary results...

    Rennteam (no suprises),TU Graz, Valencia (FSUPV), TuFast, ETS as top 5

    GFR not making it out in time for endurance, some controversy there? Inside story here

    New hairpin also caused dramas, there's a 30 minute roundup here and also a short video showing the traffic effect and causing the (rumored) loss of a nosecone and front wing, and also two front wing endplates causing DNF's

    Disclaimer: In Australia, just observing over the net. Anyone who attended want to chime in?
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    When I saw the layout of the Endurance track for MIS, I wondered how many teams would be caught out by that hairpin. It is well within the Rules (Hairpin Turns in D8.6.2)!

    The Rules Committee put that in many year ago after we had problems at FS UK Endurance track at Bruntingthorpe, with cars not making the turn from the "hard standing" onto the go kart track. There was no way we could change that track, so put in a "flag" in the rules that the cars should be able to make a turn around a single cone pylon with a 4.5 metre wide track. i.e. a turning circle OD of 9 metres. It appears that quite a number of teams have not taken that turning circle requirement into account in their car design.

    Methinks that will change.

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    The key points to getting around the hairpin being

    1) Hand out the window
    2) Door open
    3) Taking a drink of water
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    Getting around a minimum radius hairpin.

    [QUOTE Michael Royce]
    I wondered how many teams would be caught out by that hairpin.

    I think what has happened is this...

    The 'Monkey see, monkey do' habit that has developed, teams determine (with no good justification) that
    you must have a tricky (read 'very expensive') steering rack, 10" wheels and a bucket full of Ackermann
    steering geometry. These parameters often lead to the steering linkage going over-centre before sufficient
    lock has been achieved. But, that's okay because there is never a tight hairpin on the course...is there?

    There is a very tight hairpin in Austria and a sequence of two in Italy. Probably several more, so don't
    waste too much time wondering why the Euro teams generally had no problem with the hairpin.

    On the negative side of the argument, it sure made a mess of the Endurance run, hassled the course workers
    and generated some dangerous situations.

    But as Michael has commented. Things will change, after all FSAE is an educational exercise.

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