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Thread: 2017 Formula Student Germany

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    2017 Formula Student Germany

    FSG 2017 is here again, starting monday for the driverless teams and tuesday for everyone else.

    Date: 7 to 13th of August

    Livestream (will be added per stream, team welcome available now)
    Techinical Inspectiion Status
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    What a thrilling first Driverless day.
    Of course a bit sad that the teams could not really show their full potential due to the soaking wet conditions but the Karlsruhe vs. Zurich battle in Acceleration was already quite fun to watch.

    Really excited to see the Trackdrive tomorrow although I am not really sure if this will play out well.

    The staging processes were quite bad, teams were working a couple of minutes at the starting line which probably would have meant chaos if the other 11 teams would have made it through scrutineering.
    But it's a first step, should be a nice trajectory for the next years.
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    There are some problems which have to be addressed I heard (as well as some rules stuff), like the track width and the track clearance. They tried to get as many cars in at the end but the rain and difficult scrutineering of some teams didn't help.

    The same problem arrived for Combustion and Electric as a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of teams got their mech scrutineering done in a short period of time and were queuing for the tilt/weight which is simply not fast if you want to do it safe (which was needed as quite some teams (almost) toppled or lifted at 60 degrees.
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