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Thread: 2027 Formula Student East

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    2027 Formula Student East

    Since it starts today:

    Website: http://fseast.eu/
    Teams: http://fseast.eu/registered-teams-2017/

    I do not know if there is a live timing/video page. feel free to post below.
    Delft '09 Team member, '10 - Chief Electronics
    'now' (Hardware) Security Engineer

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    Has anyone seen the final results of East yet?

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    No, so far I haven't. Just know that Stuttgart (EV) won, Karlsruhe (EV) 2nd and Delft 3rd.
    Delft won Design in front of Zurich and TU Fast.

    Karlsruhe (EV) won all dynamics besides Endurance (2nd)
    AMZ Racing
    ETH Zürich

    2010-2011: Suspension
    2012: Aerodynamics
    2013: Technical Lead

    2014: FSA Engineering Design Judge

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    I have compiled the results from the website in Excel format if anyone is interested.
    FS East 2017.zip

    usually a pain in the ass as they are in pdf format, but a program called tabula converts the tables in to csv format.

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