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Thread: Engine simulation

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    Engine simulation

    Can anyone provide me with the details of ktm 390 engine, for simulation in lotus engine simulation software??

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    Google is your friend
    Ahmed Ashour
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    Engine simulation

    Quote Originally Posted by Ahmed Ashour View Post
    Google is your friend
    Yeah, I know it. But, there are certain details like valve timing and some other crucial details which don't seem to be available on google.

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    I dunno, maybe you'll have to find some stuff out?
    If you want actual answers here, then maybe re-design your question?

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    For things like valve timing/lift I would suggest measuring it yourself. Would you trust design decisions made on non-verified information.


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    Why not contact a KTM dealer and ask for a service manual?
    Johan Sahlström

    Lund University 2010-2015

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    I have the service manual, but the required information lyk exhaust valve timing and other crucial things are nt there.

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    Before you get harassed, since you did not properly introduce yourself. You're not listening to what people are telling you. People will not give out exhaust valve timing, that is information that you extract from the engine by physically measuring it. You might be lucky and find a performance shop that has these numbers laying around already since they did the work already but you're going to have to call around and do that work yourself.
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