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Thread: please help from UK teams! Continuing my studies

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    please help from UK teams! Continuing my studies

    so i am now in the process of applying to continue my studies in the UK (Msc.).

    So far i have received offers as follows:

    University of Hertfordshire- Mechanical Engineering
    Coventry- Control Engineering
    Oxford Brookes- Motorsports Engineering

    I have chosen the programs carefully and they are all subjects i am interested in but i am having a very tough time choosing where to go. I plan to continue my career in modelling, Simulation and Control of Dynamic systems at that was the basis of choosing the programs. I have founded FSAE at my old University (Cairo University) and will for sure look to do it again wherever i go.

    The course at Hertfordshire is my favorite as it has all the modules i want and is flexible, the university has a very strong Formula Student Team (which i am sure will be joining as i did in my Bsc at my home country (Egypt)) they also have the Cruden simulator. BUT i have only been hearing bad things about the University in terms of ranking and Living in Hatfield and in most threads here it is more often than not bashed.

    Coventry have an excellent course as well and i have been hearing good things about the new engineering Building they have and the new facilities. not much mention has been made for living in Coventry

    Oxford Brookes has the best reputation in terms of the rankings and the course is very good as well, and city life i hear is quite good. excellent FSAE as well.

    i am 24 years old, and will be focusing on my studies a lot and will be looking for a school that will help with employment later on after my studies, i would also like to have the option of having some fun on the weekends and not be in total isolation.

    I am still waiting for responses from a couple of UK Unis (Bath, Nottingham, Liverpool, Loughborough, Sheffield, Leicester as well as Eindhoven). But since the 3 i have now are the most financially beneficial to me (cheapest to go for an international student) i think these 3 will be my main contenders either way, unless i am offered a huge scholarship which is unlikely at this point.

    since this has basically been my go to place since 2009 can you guys give me some advice?
    Cairo University Racing Team Technical Director 2011-2012
    Tyres and Vehicle dynamics
    Suspension team head 2010

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    hey M.Nader,

    Sorry i cant be of any help to you, but those offers are amazing!!

    I myself am looking to continue my studies and would like to pursue a MS in mechanical/automotive. I will be applying within a few months, but the thing is that my CGPA is low. So i am not very sure about what universities and programs to apply to.

    I was wondering if you could shine some light on what kind of profile is needed for getting into programs like you have.

    btw I am former member of Inspired Karters, BITS Pilani. I was the Structure subsystem in-charge and team project manager.

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