I'm thinking about playing around with a sucker car. I'd like to build a setup and test it out for fun. I realize they're banned from just about every form of racing, but that doesn't mean I can't have fun with one, does it?

I'm curious what ideas any of you might have as to the design/construction of such a system. It would be applied to a street car (probably a unibody), but obviously not intended for street use. Kindof a build it up and screw around with it over a weekend type of thing.

For sucking power, I'm thinking either electric or self-fueled gas leafblowers, nothing directly coupled to the car's powertrain. Or possibly an industrial fan/pump/compressor that would better suit the intended use. Cutting large holes in the floorboards for airflow will be acceptable for this project, the test car would likely be a $100 beater that I'd junk afterwards.

For the skirt, what kind of material would work best? How should it be supported? I'm envisioning a more rigid structure around the car, that has a flexible material attached for contact w/ the ground. I'd be driving the car on asphault, although obviously I'd like to feel the effects of downforce around the turns, so a good deal of body/skirt motion will be needed. But again, this will be a weekend kind of thing, so wear should not be a MAJOR factor. Figure maybe 5-10 miles of driving, max.

So that's it. What kind of 'suckers' & 'skirt' would you suggest?