View Full Version : impact analysis question

12-11-2011, 01:45 AM
we are participaticipatig for supra this year and we just want to know what forces and location we have to consider while carrying out a front and side impact analysis on our chassis this will really help as we are novice

01-06-2012, 01:57 AM

No one is going to really help you out with a question like this. Mainly because no one can directly give you these figures. It depends a lot on you targets and design.

As yourself this: my car is traveling speed x and heads straight into a wall what will be the kind of impact energy involved and how much is you impact attenuator going to absorb? How will this energy translate into forces on your chassis? Location should be even simpler. Since you impact attenuator will be hit first the mounts seems like a good location.

If you are unsure about your force values or location post your methodology here and people experienced with impact analysis who follow this discussion will give you advise. There is one more clue within the rules. The rules are so designed to ensure safety of the occupant driver. So if the chassis designed by you is stronger/stiffer than the basic chassis described by the rules, you are on track with your design.

Hope this helps.