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Thread: bleed screw position n bleeding

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    can bleeding be done by removing from the caliper mounts??

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    Yes, and in fact that often happens when the caliper mounts have sharp edges.


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    Only if the tool slips and cuts you!

    Srinathpenu, What an ignorant post!

    Firstly it is good manners to introduce yourself and team.
    It is also good manners to explain what your problem is and what assistance you require.

    Finally, if you are talking about bleeding brakes, it would be good manners to do some research first before taking the lazy route and posting a dumb request here.

    A simple query 'How to Bleed brakes' on Google resulted in 1.9 million matches including many video tutorials.

    Do your own research. Use the FSAE.com forum in a reasonable and proper manner or go away!

    Pat Clarke
    The trick is ... There is no trick!

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