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Thread: Formula SAE at MIS 2008 Competition: - Updates, Pictures, Stories, and More.

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    Originally posted by Kirk Feldkamp:
    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by RiNaZ:
    ...I think their ability to joke around with each other kinda show what type of car you can produced when you have teamwork...
    Ya, and a $500000 yearly budget. That's the number I've gotten from one of my pretty plugged in sources. I'm just glad to see that they really live up to the hype. Their cars are pretty f'n rad!

    -Kirk </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

    don't forget our privat learjets and the trucks all over the world!!
    Sorry, I've to say that, but "$500000 yearly budget" is absolutley nonsense!!

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    the graz budget discussion starts again! Yeah! I was waiting for that all the time!

    Design Semifinals:

    002 University of Western Australia - UWA Motorsport

    003 Graz University of Technology - TU Graz Racing Team

    005 University of Toronto - University of Toronto Formula SAE Racing

    006 University of Florida - Gator Motorsports

    009 Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst - RPI Formula SAE

    013 Auburn University - War Eagle Motorsports

    016 Purdue University - W Lafayette - Purdue Formula SAE

    018 Delft Univ of Technology - DUT Racing

    040 Univ of Applied Sciences - Graz - Joanneum Racing Graz

    064 National University of Singapore - Team NUS MotorSports

    078 Ecole De Technologie Superieure - ETS Motorsports

    084 Technical University of Munchen - TUfast

    085 Penn State Univ - University Park - Penn State Racing

    100 Helsinki Polytechnic - Stadia Motorsport

    Good luck!

    wia samma?...

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    new pictures from the Delft team!

    I don't know for sure if we've already passed the Scrutineering, since the news update didn't arrive yet.
    But hey... at least we have pictures...


    * update: Delft did pass scrutineering, ans scored 84 points at the Cost Event!

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    keep it coming stef!

    damn, it was only last week that i saw Mr. Royce at the F-Hybrid competition, and now he's in michigan doing the FSAE. That's just amazing. I wonder if he's gonna be at all the competitions this year.

    p/s: is that lady inspecting your car one of the judges? I wonder if she's Mr. Royce's wife. One thing for sure, you dont wanna piss her off.

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    Rinaz you're right! That's Mrs. Royce.

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    Looks like the Europeans are taking over the design event...
    KTH Racing '03-'08
    Dartmouth Formula Racing '07

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    Originally posted by HenningO:
    Looks like the Europeans are taking over the design event...
    You're right about that Henning. Rumour tells that design finalists are:

    I just got some info from our guys. I'll upload it to our website in a minute. Pictures will probably follow later.
    Kimmo Hirvonen
    Helsinki Polytechnic Formula Engineering Team '04-'07

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    Rumour tells that design finalists are:
    I heard the same rumours from the Delft team. (thnx Samoooo!! )

    Delft FSUK04, FSG06

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    cost event is also online - see link above

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