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Thread: Using a SolidWorks model of FSAE car to create an rFactor car

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    Is this possible? I have our teams car nearly finished in SolidWorks and I would like to show other people exactly what it will look like when running.

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    I would look for help on the rFactor forums. I haven't seen much information about any of the driving simulators here. It seems that there are rFactor softwares that can be downloaded to design a car in the game, I'm not sure if they are supported by solidworks. I was researching how to import our car in the game, but gave up when I realized the FFB is pretty much crap.
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    you can do it, but to build up a car in rF is a long, long trip. And you need data that probably you donīt have before to run the car.

    Anyway, in my opinion, it is all about how much time you can spend on this task...

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