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Thread: Carbon Tubing

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    Last season I developed and tested a carbon fibre suspension system and I am working on implementing it this season. Unfortunately the company that supplied us with our composite tubing last season went bust. Has anybody used or know a reliable company/manufacturer that provides a good product?



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    McMaster-Carr sells carbon tubing (and fabric and a few other things). I think the tubing is pre-hardened and comes in a variety of sizes. If you call them they can probably tell you specifics about the tubing. They are normally really helpful with things like that. I've never used it before, but I came accross it once.
    '03-05 Oregon State FSAE Alum

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    just for future reference, what company was it that went out of business? Here are two I know of, possibly one of which you are referring to.

    www.carbonfibertubeshop.com - crazy, i know

    www.cstcomposites.com - from what I've seen on their site, they have excellent materials, but I have heard it is very pricey and in Australia. Some of the windings they make are straight-up sexy.

    Just a word of advice. Be sure to avoid pultruded tubes if you can, because they have a considerably lower carbon/resin ratio than wound tubes. I have seen wound tubes with carbon/resin ratios around 95%. Pultruded is more common, and likely what you will find at McMaster, but it cant hurt to investigate.

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    Check here for carbon tubes:


    We have had good luck with them.
    Damon Lemmon
    Triton Racing 2005-2008

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    BenB. Last season we used Woolmer Forest Composites, the company went bust or something like that, they have been taken over now but dont do the size tubing that we need. Thanks for all your help guys

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    Try Carbonology.com. We've found them to be quite useful and helpful etc in the past


    Alastair Clarke
    Cardiff Racing

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    We have used Mclean Quality Composites for the past 2 years. They have many stock sizes to pick from and offer cheap (relatively) pricing.

    Maclean Quality Composites

    Ryan Hetrick
    Lehigh University FSAE
    Brakes, Chassis, Suspension

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    Delft has been using tubing from Prince fibre tech. Located in the Netherlands, so I am not sure about shipping costs, but we are very pleased with their quality and support. And they are relatively cheap as well!

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