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Thread: Fastner Installation

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    Fastner Installation


    Reaction Tool <= 25.4 mm

    In the above process given in tables is 25.4 mm diameter of nut to be installed or length of installation. It's really confusing and also nothing is given in comments.

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    Do you wonder why there are no responses to your three posts to date?

    Go to the first page and read the 'sticky' http://www.fsae.com/forums/showthrea...ead-this-first...

    Then have a look at http://www.fsae.com/forums/showthrea...t=Indian+teams

    Then, when you understand how it works here, come back and post your requests in the appropriate sub forum.

    Pat Clarke
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    I am really sorry Pat.

    Also I want to apologize to all other members in the group for the asking the questions without reading out the rules of the forum. This was really unprofessional on my part. I assure that this won't happen again.

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