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Thread: CAD of Yamaha YFZ450r

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    Need Engine CAD of Yamaha YFZ450r at Solidworks, IGES or UGS format

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    Need Engine CAD of Yamaha YFZ450r at Solidworks, IGES or UGS format

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    There is no link Naseer. Ben's response was really to let you know there is little chance of you getting this CAD file from anyone. I guess subtlety doesn't translate well on a forum.

    Why? For several reasons.

    Firstly, this forum is not just a place where you can demand handouts. If someone does have this file, it is as a result of hard work measuring and plotting the engine and ancilliaries and then constructing the model. You want someone to just give you this file, yet you dont even have the manners to say 'please'!

    So, you need a CAD model of the Yamaha 450? Go measure one and build the file yourself!

    Oh, it is also considered good manners to identify your team.

    Pat Clarke
    The trick is ... There is no trick!

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    I spent a great deal of my spare time this past summer modeling the YZF450. Pay attention to the axial locations of the mounting holes; they are not all symmetric about the same plane.

    Don't think of it as an inconvenience not to have a readily available CAD model of the engine. Generating an accurate model doesn't involve any textbook engineering and can be a valuable way to teach underclassmen to use design software.
    Georgia Tech Motorsports

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