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Thread: Formula Australasia 2006 Competition:- Updates, Pictures, Stories, and More

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    like the title suggest ... pictures and updates!!!

    p/s: can someone do me a favor and take pictures of a team from Malaysia?!

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    Well, tomorrow it all starts.
    I offer my best wishes to all competing teams, and hope you have fun as well as learning heaps.
    I will be there along with Ron Tauranac and Peter Gillitzer as your senior design judges so I really can't discuss stuff on here...yet =]
    As usual I will have my camera and several gigabites of memory, so should anyone want specific pictures, then just ask and I will see what I can do within the limits of propriety.
    Again...as usual, I will need someone to host my humble photographic efforts.
    Again, good luck to all.
    Pat Clarke
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    I know you guys are busy, but i am dieing for some pictures
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    hi, since our team is also down under we got a few pictures on our homepage


    to find under: Australien 2006/Gallery

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    And for the people who can't read German, it seems RMIT won cost with Western Australia in second place.


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    I heard those same rumours that RMIT won the cost event with UWA in second place.

    Also, it sounds like RMIT won the presentation event, and got in the top three in acceleration and skidpad.

    Sounds like it is neck and neck between UWA and RMIT at this stage. Not sure about results from other teams.

    Pat Drum
    RMIT Racing supporter via correspondence

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    ..and all they had to do was to get rid of Drum. JK.

    Best of luck to RMIT and UWA, you've got two amazing programs and I'd love to see both teams competing at their full potential.
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    some pics from saturday:

    (pics will be deleted in 24h)

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    As of Saturday night results, with Cost, Presentation, Accel and Skid all scored, RMIT and WA are 1.5 points apart according to my dodgy hand calcs. RMIT has won presentation and cost, WA won acceleration and came second in skid pad, RMIT third in skid and second in acceleration. As for Autocross, we haven't seen any official results as I write this, but unofficially I heard that UWA and RMIT had best laps to within 0.1 seconds of each other. That was done with a stopwatch, no official times are being announced at the event.

    Design finals were on as I left, featuring Munich, Swinburne, Deakin, UWA, Tokyo Denki and RMIT. No word as of time of writing.

    Great comp, UWA looking great on track, Munich looking beautiful, Deakin takes my pick as the best designed car for some really nice packaging and ultra-neat bolt on suspension modules. Swinburne have built their best car yet (a work of art in my opinion), but unfortunately haven't had it through tech yet because of a few issues.

    Newcastle crashed into a barrier quite hard in the practice yard (sounded like throttle stuck on), but as testament to a properly triangulated spaceframe and a good crush zone, the driver came out fine. Anyone who mopes about having to weld triangulation into the footbox needs to take a good look at the integrity of the Newcastle car - very well braced and the footwell structure is virtually undistorted. I'd dread to think what would have happened to the drivers feet if the bracing wasn't there.

    All in all a great comp so far, looking forward to tomorrow. Good luck to all,

    Geoff Pearson

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