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Thread: If you are new here, click here and read this first...

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    If you're new here, it's very likely that among almost 5000 forum members and close to 50,000 posts, your question has been asked. Well, at least the basic questions.

    Show some intelligence, and use the Find option of this forum. There are over 80 pages of posts, so there is a lot of knowledge saved here. It's free!!! All you have to do is read it.

    The forum members are generally really friendly and helpful, but expect a slightly negative response if you ask a very basic question that's been asked numberous times in the past.

    Do feel free to dig up old posts and add a comment from a new perspective.

    One more thing. Use proper grammar and spell out words. You have a full keyboard in front of you, and you're not texting this, so don't be lazy. Secondly, if you spell words out, it'll help someone else in the future when they use the search.

    Now get searching!!! Knowledge is Power baby!

    Here's a few good posts to start with:

    Book List

    Website links to help you design your car

    How do you organize your team? How do you manage people? How can you motivate them? There has been plenty of discussion regarding those topics. Search for more.

    Attracting and Retaining Members

    FSAE Leadership & Team Motivation


    Team Management Styles

    Team Motivation

    Team Structure
    Dan De Clute-Melancon
    Iowa State FSAE alumni
    Project Manager 03-04
    Engine Team Leader 02-03

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    Thank's alot Dan, that was really helpful.
    Ayman Mohammed Ashraf
    Helwam University
    Frame Team leader

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    Oh, and don't do this.

    "stop being very stubborn about it" - Noob

    Dan De Clute-Melancon
    Iowa State FSAE alumni
    Project Manager 03-04
    Engine Team Leader 02-03

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    Is there a way to access these links from before the Forum was updated?

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    All the links are dead?

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    I just edited the original post above with updated links.
    these links were broken during last year's forum conversion.
    thanks for the heads up Silverbolt.

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    I was browsing through the old posts on this forum. Some of them have helpful links but cannot be opened, possibly because of the forum's redesign. Is there a way fix all these links from the old forum? That would be really helpful for the newer members like me who usually dig for useful information through the old posts. Thankyou.
    D Thakur
    Bodywork & Fabrication
    Yodha Racing (Hindustan University)

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