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    So I was just wondering if any other teams out there are running into problems this year receiving their wheel orders from BBS. We placed our order in December and were told late February arrival. I just received an e-mail this week saying something about late-April, WTF?

    On a side note, I was wondering if there is a team out there that might have an extra/old set of their 13"x6" one-piece cast wheels with a zero offset (RE325) that would be willing to sell me.


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    At least you were able to order from BBS... I was able to contact them on a sporadic basis to get technical information, but when it came to finally purchasing wheels we tried multiple times and no one would get back to us. I wanted to give BBS $1400, but apparently they weren't interested. Brilliant customer service...
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    I had great communication with BBS and we received our wheels about 3 weeks after putting the order in.
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    I hear you, bro.

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    i spent at least three months of phone calls last year to order our wheels, then another couple months to recieve them. thats why this year we are using the same wheels from last year.
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    maybe the old jongbloed people moved to bbs?

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    Could also be they filed for bankruptcy

    You may not get them at all...


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