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Thread: Fantasy engine

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    If you didn't need to worry about cost or availability, what would be the best (<610cc) engine. Not worrying about fuel ecnomy, My thoughts are either V6, V8, or V10. If I was worrying about fuel economy, I would go with a V-twin or V4. I know everyone that has ever expressed any interest in FSAE has thought about using something other than a Honda CBR600RR engine. Also, include some reasons (other than badass factor) why you would choose that specific setup.

    This isn't proposed for people to bring up logic in this; this is all just because I want to hear other peoples opinions on this. WWU is the only place to ever make any of this come true.

    If you want to include transmissions, the V8 and V10 would be longitudinally mounted and have 8-speed tranaxles. The V6 and V4 would be longitudinally mounted and have 6-speed transaxles. I would also slap some turbochargers and superchargers on there. And maybe an anti-lag system just for the sound.

    THis is all pipedreams, nothing real. At least keep it feasible though(I would prefer to leave out the ridiculous V200 derived from 3cc model plane engines that is inevitably mentioned on engine threads).

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    All those cool engines you listed would be heavy and impossible to package IMO. With the restrictor we can't really take advantage of the revs either. I feel the same about the 8 speed, no one can use that.

    I would do something like a 600cc snowmobile twin tuned for peak power with a huge plenum to help mitigate the pulsing at the restrictor. I would want to use some sort of custom electronically controlled CVT with a clutch to keep it in the power and avoid slipping. My reasoning is you can't escape reality and keeping it simple pays in our world.

    Edited the first paragraph so it made more sense.

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    I like your common sense.
    More people should use snowmobile engines.
    An electronically controlled CVT, Enter Rob...

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    FSAE is all about packaging. I think a shallow angle V-twin with the gearbox cluster in the V would be about the shortest possible package. (Longitudinal crank).

    Next up could be a transverse inline twin, intake / exhaust routing is a pain compared to the above, though.

    Regards, Ian

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    Closest "ideal" engine to reality for me would have to be a turbocharged 500cc parallel twin. 4-speed sequential transmission, ~10k rpm max. Not as balanced as a wacky V8, but it would be easier to package for sure. Large enough for the power, small enough to make a restricted turbo worth it, with torque for days. Racer-x's idea is more practical, since 600cc twin snowmobile engines already exist.

    If you're going to throw out the idea of V2 through V10, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest horizontally opposed 4 cylinders (boxer). You could drop the thing super low, and would probably end up with a transaxle setup (not necessarily good or bad). 600cc, direct injection, naturally aspirated.
    Owen Thomas
    University of Calgary FSAE, Schulich Racing

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    v10 seriously?

    a dream engine would have to have a lot of power and even though you don't care about your bsfc, you should care about your brake specific air consumption. With the air restricted you should be getting as much power as possible with the air that is available. Having the mechanical and thermal losses of 10 cylinders wont help much

    iŽd build a 2 cylinder inline and supercharge it. Neat package, lots of power, low weight.

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    the Genesis Yamaha is a 500cc inline twin and it is worth turbocharging that if your using a CVT.

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    the Genesis Yamaha is a 500cc inline twin and it is worth turbocharging that if your using a CVT.
    I know, that's why I threw in the "4-speed sequential" part. What with it being a fantasy and all.
    Owen Thomas
    University of Calgary FSAE, Schulich Racing

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    Well there was a fairly famous engine to that effect produced in Australia some years ago.

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    I'd like a V-twin that doesn't have the "character" of an Aprilia engine. If Suzuki had only made the SV610 instead, or FSAE had chosen 646 rather than 615cc...

    To go "absurd" rather than practical, how about a tandem-twin like the old Rotax 256 two-stroke?

    One cylinder ahead turning a crank that turns one way, one cylinder behind turning the other that turns the other way - reduced vibration, and no "replace everything if something breaks" like a vee- or inline-engine.
    Charles Kaneb
    Magna International
    FSAE Lincoln Design Judge - Frame/Body/Link judging area. Not a professional vehicle dynamicist.

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