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Thread: Solidworks Seat?

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    I'm new to both FSAE and to Solidworks and was wondering if anyone knew of any tutorials on how to make something like a FSAE seat in Solidworks. I can make just about any kind of shape except for something like the seat.

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    Do some research on 3D sketches, points, splines, then using splines as paths in the swept boss feature

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    For that, the easiest technique will be to use surface modeling. The video I've linked discusses nosecone modeling, but the techniques are easily transferrable to something like a seat.

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    I'm wondering if you're a UNF student judging by your name. If you are, I know for a fact there is seat CAD model you can look at and learn.
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    Have you considered a laser scan of your back? That would give you the most accurate model.
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    I'm actually not a UNF student. I'm at Old Dominion University. My name is from the V-22 Osprey, actually!

    As far as the seat modeling goes, I think I'm going to try and do the surface modeling technique. I'm still having some minor troubles, but hopefully I will have them worked out soon.

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    This is a very good SW surfacing tutorial. It'll take you some time to go through everything, but it's worth it!



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