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Thread: UoP Racing @ city karting-track in Patras (Greece)

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    Onboard video of some demonstration laps at city karting-track in Patras, Greece.


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    is that the car bouncing off the rev limiter? Was something wrong with your shifter?

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    Yeap, that's the rev limiter! Everything was OK with the shifter, but the driver was not so confident about the brakes, so after the first lap he decided to keep the 3rd gear on the limiter instead of shifting to 4th. There were a lot of people on the conrner after the big straight and of course he didn't want to hurt the car, and given the braking problems, I assume you would do the same!

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    yeah, I'm not knocking him, and it would definitely scare me with all those water barriers there (no room for mistakes), but that's not great for the car. Probably would have been a better idea to shift into fourth and just keep it manageable. It looks like a blast... sucks that he had to run up on those other cars.

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