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Thread: CAD & CAE Software Used

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    I am interested to know what schools are using the following software in the design of their FSAE cars:

    Pro/ENGINEER for CAD
    Adams for MBD
    Ansys, Abaqus, or Nastran for FEA

    If you are using these tools, please reply to this post. Be sure to list what other CAE tools you are using in your development. Thanks!
    Best regards,


    Matthew Ian Loew
    CoMeT Solutions Inc.

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    we use ADAMS/View and ADAMS/Car for MBD, CATIA for cad and ANSYS for FEA. we also use FLUENT for CFD.


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    Solidworks 2006 SP5.0 - CAD
    COSMOSWorks 2006 - Static FEA
    COSMOSMotion 2006 - Suspension Kinematics & Kinetics
    Suspension Analyzer - Suspension Kinematics
    MATLAB / Simulink R2006a - Tire and vehicle dynamics, ECU development, chassis analysis
    MasterCAM 9.1 - CAM
    MS Paint - On-the-fly engineering
    Colorado FSAE | '05 - '07
    Goodyear Tire & Rubber | '07 - '11
    NASCAR Engineer | '11 - ??

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    We use

    Pro/E - CAD
    ADAMS - Suspension Kinematics
    Hyperworks and Optistruct - FEA
    Fluent and STAR CCM for CFD
    Ricardo for Engine

    and excel and VB and Matt Lab for pretty much everything else

    But just curious what is "on the fly engineering", because if it is what I think think it is ... We use a pen and paper and a ginder and call it on the fly Jankification ( makes things janky - it could be a word).
    - "An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field." - Bohr

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    Pro/E - CAD
    Pro/Mechanism - Kinematics
    Lotus Shark - Suspension Kinematics
    Pro/Mechanica or Ansys - FEA
    EXCEL & MatLab- freaking everything
    Sharpie and napkins (usually with "beer rings") - everything else

    I have been dabbling in the world of solidworks, and I have to say I'm looking that way for next year. I don't think our department has the interest of changing what they teach (corporate kickbacks and whatnot) but I know solidworks will supply teams with software and stuff. It seems to be a cleaner package that does not hang up as easily as pro/e.

    I'm sure the debate is around here somewhere, but I've yet to find much that I cant do quicker in solidworks than I can Pro/E.

    But still chugging along in Pro/E for now...
    University of Kentucky Formula Racing
    Watch out for the blue car from the bluegrass...

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    University of Tennessee...

    CAD: Inventor, Solidworks, a wee bit of Catia
    FEA: Cosmos, Ansys, Algor
    CFD: Fluent, Cosmos, Powerflow
    Math: Matlab, Maple, Excel
    A-class surfacing: Alias Studio Tools, Rhino
    Suspension: SusProg3D, Adams
    CAM: MasterCAM, FreeMill (haha, freemill has been our best friend so far)

    I fully support the napkin/sharpie and MS Paint engineering methods. We dabble in Crayola and construction paper...

    University of Tennessee FSAE Team Principle 2006-2008

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    CAD - UG NX4
    FEA - ABAQUS and hypermesh
    MBD/VD - SuspensionSim, Carsim/matlab/simulink, A/car, Winsteer
    CFD- Fluent
    Modeling - Rhino
    CAM - GibbsCAM

    All of these are superceded by the whiteboard and dry erase markers in the cad lab...
    "Gute Fahrer haben die Fliegenreste auf den Seitenscheiben."
    --Walter Röhrl

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    University of Maryland

    Ideas 11NX - CAD/FEA
    Adams/Car, Matlab, SimMechanics - Kinematics, MBD, VD
    Fluent - CFD
    Mastercam 9 - CAM

    In addition the whiteboards and the like, mead 3" x 5" mini spiral notepads have about 40% of our cars initial designs on it. I keep one in my back pocket at all times.

    - Bryan

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    Add OptimumK to our kinematic analysis.. ohhh she's nice.
    Colorado FSAE | '05 - '07
    Goodyear Tire & Rubber | '07 - '11
    NASCAR Engineer | '11 - ??

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    Claude ran me throught optimum K after his oxford seminar, a little deeper than he did at the seminar and it is lovely!!! Hopefully it is on my lecturers christmas list to santa!

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