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Thread: Claude's jokes

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    Let's hear 'em.

    Did anyone else get his new one about the guy applying for the CIA position?

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    Let's hear 'em.

    Did anyone else get his new one about the guy applying for the CIA position?

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    Well, Mr. Clarke had quite a good joke on the name of one of our sponsors. It was in FS Germany 2006. One of our main sponsors is "Stork Fokker", which is a great Tier one Supplier of all kinds of aeronautical stuff to (amongst others) Airbus and Boeing. His line was:

    "Stork fokker, so if you would hit a Stork on the road you would really be a ....."

    I have to admit it was around 1.30 a.m. and we were pretty fed up with the last repairs before endurance, but it did get the team motivated :-)!

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    Hi Tom,
    Did I say that?? Surely not...I can't remember.

    But, thinking about it, I probably did ;-)


    PS, perhaps someone is game to repeat Claude's joke about the gynocologists and the fruit?

    ....Then again, maybe not =]
    The trick is ... There is no trick!

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    speaking of Claude, maybe someone can convince him to put links or post some of his funny vids he shows at the seminars. we could have one place in FSAE forums with these rather than separate topics each time.

    oh... did i just say that?? sorry, no. He NEVER shows anything besides suspension design and race car setup.
    ...we got emergency on planet earth

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    Intellectual Masturbation.
    Rock Chalk!

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    i found on my comp by chance a pic i made as a joke. it goes back to Claudes tale about how german speakers pronounce the name Optimum G. i made it just after the seminar just for fun and I guess Claude prolly did not like it much when I emailed the modified logo to see how strong his sense of humour is.

    now... only problem is, I made my original post and the image displayd about 9 inches wide. so i deleted the original post. i m kind of worried that it will give his company a bit of a bad image and doom me forever.

    i guess resizing the image to many fewer pixels would at least make it easier to digest.

    N.B. Although this is a joke, and Claude made it verbally at the seminar, the image may be offensive and as such, I will remove the post if anyone asks me to do so. Its not my intention to get banned or upset anybody. also, it is not aimed at anybody, it was just a play of words.

    ...we got emergency on planet earth

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    Kind of unreleated.. Mr. O'Neal at the Pomona seminar said in response to a comment on philosophy majors in FSAE, which was a response for an inquiry on non-engineering students in FSAE:

    "Well, at least you could think about winning right?"
    Jerry Lee
    San Diego State Univ.
    Formula SAE

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