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Thread: Engine Choice

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    Hi, we are competing for the first time in this competition and are wondering whether to buy a new engine or get a second hand one.
    We have been looking at the Aprilia SXV550 engine to buy as a new one, or the usual ones-CB600R, suzukiGSX600r, or the yamaha r6.
    Guys please suggest with the pros and cons of both of them.

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    What are your own pros and cons for those engines / methods of purchase?

    My advise: Buy a second hand bike, strip it of all parts but the engine en build from there.
    Delft '09 Team member, '10 - Chief Electronics
    'now' (Hardware) Security Engineer

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    Firstly, it is good manners to introduce yourself and let us know what team you represent.

    The choice of engines differs between countries. There is no 'best engine'. In many cases the best engine for you is the engine you can get.

    I would not recommend the Aprilia engine to a first year team. This engine is very tricky to tune with a single throttle body and associated electronics.

    The trick is ... There is no trick!

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    In our book, we recommend a team have a minimum of 3 engines, one in the car, one for the dyno and one to replace the first one to break!

    That means that the cost of obtaining 3 engines, plus spares, should play a major part in the decision on what engine to use.

    I also agree with Pat that the Aprilia, although it looks really good on paper, has shown itself to be rather finicky.

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    Thanks Pat, we are a team from Pune, India.
    Michael, getting one engine is a huge task already for us, and now we, being a first year team are considering an engine less that 600 cc.. maybe the royal enfeild or maybe the KTM 390 duke thats about to launch in India.
    Thanks BeunMan , we did find one 1992 CBR hurricane.. but the casing seemed to be damaged and so did not go through with it. Getting good used bikes is a tough task here!

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    I'd also advice You not to choose the Aprilia. For a first year team it's a big challenge to get the car running. The Ape makes this not easier (You'll need some good time to get it running well and reliable).
    If you plan to use it for Your future cars: the price for a new engine has almost doubled since 2010 and is at the moment at about 5000 (bought directly from the Aprilia dealer). The situation for used engines is also not better. I bought three engines this year for our team and none of them is out of Germany. They are from all over Europe from Great Britain to Cyprus.
    I don't think, that the situation is better in India...

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    Look at the SAE Supra group discussion on Facebook. There you will find lots of advice on engine choices.

    Again, for a first year team in India, the BEST engine is the one you can get NOW! So you can get on with designing and building a car!

    The trick is ... There is no trick!

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