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Thread: Baltic Open Announcements

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    any updates on the event yet?

    Getting anxious to plan the trip and come over for yet another great event!

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    A mail was sent out regarding the competition.

    "Sign on" and tech inspection on the 14th Sept at 6 pm. Racing on the 15th then partey! Going home on the 16th.
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    Yes, we got that mail also. Good that now the days are official.
    One thing would be nice to know though. We have now three cars ready to race and thanks to Delft, we will get our '06 car up and running in few weeks time. So four cars altogether. The thing I'm curious about is that are they all welcome?
    What I mean is that 4 from us, was it 3 from KTH (I heard this at Mahle party so it can really be from 0 to 10), 2 from Delft, Chalmers 1-5, Lunds , Luleå and Aalborg would make a total of atleast 13 cars (more likely 14-17, depending on host team's cars and teams that I don't know of, e.g. Northern Germany).
    Last year when we organized BO, we had seven cars and about seven hours of track time to do the same events as this year. We just made it. I'm not saying that 13 cars would make it to 13h, but I'm pretty sure that with that amount of cars the most important thing "after party" might not start when it's supposed to.
    So, before it's "too late", we would like to know is there or should there be a limitation of cars/team? Three cars is a must from us. '05 car "the reigning double champion" has to be there to defend its title and '06 has to be there to win '07. But if you think you'll manage with the schedule, we are more than delighted to bring also our '02 car a.k.a. "Fatboy" to the challenge.
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    If any other teams are interested, please go to the website at www.chalmers.se/am/formula and contact Malin to let her know of your interest in competing.

    I spoke with Malin Kjellberg, team leader at Chalmers and her reply was along these lines;

    - Chalmers will be running 3 cars (05,06,07) therefore we see it as unfair to allow any other teams to run less than us (although, see below for exception)
    - Can only manage 15 cars at most.
    - If more teams apply, car numbers from teams will be reduced as more teams with less cars preferred to less teams with more cars
    - Helsinki running 3 cars
    - Delft running 2 cars
    - KTH no confirmation on how many cars (please confirm in email to Malin)
    - Track currently booked for 6hrs, but will extend to 7 or 8 if necessary
    - Expect email within next few days from Malin

    I know that different people are responsible for different aspects of the competition, all headed up by Malin i.e. those responsible for the party have nothing to do with organisation at the track, so nothing to worry about there.

    Hope that information is of some use to you Chalmers are really looking forward to this event and the sponsors are very interested to see what all the teams have produced. They are looking forward to seeing you all there!
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    KTH is currently working on getting all 4 cars running.
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    Hi everybody, I would just like to say that Luleå will most likely attend BO with 1 car, the only problem at this point is economical but this will probably be solved this week. I dropt an email to Malin last week but haven't received any reply. Can anyone from Chalmers please make sure that we are welcome to compete?

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    Steef (and others), go to the chalmers website and on the front page (www.chalmers.se) there is a facility in the top right hand corner that enables you to search for peoples contact details. Type in Malins name (Malin Kjellberg) and you will get her number. If you can not contact her, Sven Andersson is also involved with organising the BO.

    Sorry, can't hand out numbers here. I will drop her a text to let her know.

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    Race is over!

    Again a nice and eventful competition.

    Overall results:

    1. Helsinki 07
    2. Chalmers 07
    3. Luleå

    This year the new cars dominated the track. Also saw the most spectacular DNF I´ve ever seen as our 06 car caught on fire. Pictures will be added soon to our website.
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    You beat me to it Mikko. Well done to all involved! Story to follow up shortly on our website www.chalmers.se/am/formula

    Sorry I couldn't attend, but the feedback appeared to be quite good...who is hosting next year?
    Everthing you want is just outside your comfort zone!

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    Great event!

    We had our difficulties and were halted in the end by a broken torque limiter gear in the start mechanism, a new one at that since the one we ran in england was badly worn.

    The helsinki '06 fire was spectacular, please write and explain what happend when you've figured it out, was it a leaking fuelrail/injectors?

    We'll be sure to post alot of pictures too, Julian our canadian visitor took some 400 pictures with the camera i brought.

    And by the way, amazing toys at Chalmers, hope some of the KTH guys post a picture of the Wheel of DEATH!
    Pontus Fyhr - Lund University Formula Engineering alumn/assistant FA

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