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Thread: New and Used Tyres for Sale (Mainly Hoosier)

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    Hi everyone
    UH Racing has some spare tyres from various manufacturers in various conditions to sell. All of which have been stored in the dark in a good climate to stop any form of degradation 13” tyres are from 2011 and 10” from 2012. All prices shown are for a set of 4 tyres not including delivery, which can be arranged for additional cost. Pictures are available upon request. Please PM me if interested.

    The list is as follows:

    8 x NEW Hoosier 6.0/18.0-10 LC0 tyres
    Still with stickers attached, never used and never mounted on wheels. £320 (85% of FSAE price)

    4 x SCRUBBED Hoosier 20.5x7.0-13 R25B C2500 tyres
    These tyres have only been lightly scrubbed, no endurance stints, they were driven on to take off the releasing agent ready for competition. This set is currently mounted to a set of wheels but will obviously be taken off for sale. £300 (70% of FSAE cost)

    4 x SCRUBBED Hoosier 20.0x6.5-13 WET tyres
    These tyres are in the same condition as the other scrubbed tyres. They have only had the very top layer taken off to make them race ready. No more than 1 or 2 laps of Bruntingthorpe kart track done to take the releasing agent off the surface. £325 (70% of FSAE cost).

    4 x USED Hoosier 20.5x7.0-13 R25B C2500 >>CUT SLICK<< tyres
    These tyres have been used but are still in good shape. They are also currently mounted to BRAID Formrace wheels which will be removed for sale. £110 (25% of FSAE price).

    4 x Part Worn Hoosier 20.0x7.0-13 R25B C2500 tyres
    Scrubbed and then used for a few laps meaning better condition that those that have been used but slightly further usage than basic scrubbing. Currently mounted to uni made wheels, which will be removed. £240 (55% of FSAE price)

    8 x USED Hoosier 20.0x7.0-13 R25B C2500 tyres
    As with the other used tyres, these are still in good shape with many more miles of life left in them. Pictures available upon request. £200 per set (45% of FSAE cost)

    2 x USED Avon 7.0/22.0-13 tyres
    We’ve had these tyres for a while so I am not sure about which year they are from. They are still in good condition with no cracking. £45 for the two tyres.

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    do you still have those first four hoosier tyres (those with stickers) if so please contact suriya.agera@gmail.com

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