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Thread: Michelin Racing Slicks 16/53 - 13

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    Hey folks,

    UPDATE: We have decided not to sell these tires. In their current condition, we don't feel they are safe to use, and it wouldn't be ethical to let anyone drive on them.

    We have 14 Michelin slicks that are taking up space in our shop and we're hoping to sell them.

    You can have them for $50 each or $600 for all 14. Canadian. Shipping not included, North America only.

    Facts about these tires:
    Some were used, some were not. The ones that were used weren't used a lot.

    To the best of my knowledge, Michelin doesn't make these any more. However, tire data is available on the TTC.

    We are selling them because we don't use them, and haven't since 2011.

    I've never seen anyone use Michelins in Michigan, but if you're a new team that's looking for cheap parts, you need more French content on your car, or you need some tires for sweet burnouts, these might be your ticket.

    Lettuce know

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