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Thread: FSAE-A 2010 - Pictures

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    Are there any Sophia members on here?
    If there are, samples of your photos can be viewed here.


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    Originally posted by benny41:
    I also remember walking the track in the morning and saying " gee you'd have to have a decent crack to end up in the water" so all i can say from that is the curtain driver must have been having a crack haha

    Well I didn't think I was pushing that hard, HAHA but on slicks with a wet track made for some intersting driving. Plan was just to finish and keep it on track, haha managed to finish but went kinda off track.
    Curtin Motorsport Team
    '07, '08, '09, '10

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    We stripped our car down yesterday to clean it and inspect for any damage, the picture is how the rear right spindle faired.
    It looks like water got everywhere, including our ECU, except the electrical panel. We didnt have time to paint the whole chassis before comp and it has now begun to rust.
    Curtin Motorsport Team 08' -10'

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    Here is go pro footage of CMT enduro run where we (I) went off the track into the water puddle

    Curtin Motorsport Team
    '07, '08, '09, '10

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    pictures of the UWA Motorsport team is now up on my flickr page.

    w w w .flickr. com/ photos/akito07/sets/72157626010296786/

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    After the exhaust blew off. .

    Race marshals heard over the radio: "Listen to the real race car.. "

    It was Gold.

    w w w. flickr. com/photos/akito07/5430790800/in/set-72157625885009237/

    w w w. flickr. com/photos/akito07/5430188743/in/set-72157625885009237/

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    Here are some sample Photos of 59 UTS.
    Some 100 odd pictures were taken, but mostly the same type, taken on the track.

    w w w . flickr. com/photos/akito07/sets/72157626053936858/with/5447617506/

    Leave me a note on flickr or this forum if you are interested in the photos.

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    Nice photos. However, you have put title of photo set on Flickr as University of Sydney, can you change it to University of Technology Sydney please? Big difference ;-)

    Faculty Advisor
    UTS Motorsports

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    Sydney, Australia raise up!!

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