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Thread: How to post pic in this forum?

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    how do you guy post your pics in this forum?

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    how do you guy post your pics in this forum?

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    the main way most people do it is by using a picture uploading service which will place your pictures on the internet. then it will allow you to use a url of the pic or a code called ubb to get it here. if you notice in the reply box of the forum there is a blue box above where you type that has a picture click that and copy and paste the url from the uploaded site. Someone may know of a good free site that will upload for you or be able to let you use thiers even. maybe try searching for picture uploading services.
    Auburn 2005 Brakes

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    Yahoo photos has a decent picture uploading tool, and it's free.
    Let's see if you can link to pictures on yahoo photos...
    here's UWP's team

    now let's try it when I'm not signed in...
    what isn't custom on these things?
    Joel Schmidt

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    You can upload your photos right here. Click on 'New' tab above, and select 'photo album'. Then upload your photos. It will start a new thread.
    -Charlie Ping

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    wow learn something ever day eh charlie..
    say didn't i just see you about 30 minutes ago?
    yeah yeah thats right we went to the haney seminar together now i remember
    Auburn 2005 Brakes

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