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Thread: Intake Design Paper

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    I know this is an old thread, but I'd be interested in seeing that paper if anyone still has a copy. The original link is dead.

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    ooops i definitely forgot my email in my delirious state...

    Terps Racing

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    If there is a floating copy of this I would love to get one as well...the above links server has been down...


    Never mind the server is back up and running...

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    Very interesting work. Enjoyable read. I have noticed one point that has not been covered. Engelman H.W. in his 1973 ASME paper "Design of a Tuned Inlet Manifold" states that:

    "this analog is valid only if the intake periods have little or no overlap"

    Firstly: what is little?
    Secondly: does he mean intake to intake overlap or inlet and exhaust overlap? I would presume the latter.

    Kind regards,


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    Has anyone got this link to Sam's paper to work? I keep getting forwarded to some foregn page. If you have the paper could someone please email it to me?!
    email is jordan.cachiaras@mnsu.edu Thanks

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    I would appreciate a copy too :

    gabriel.pare-olivier.1 -at- ulaval.ca

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    I'm surprised there isn't some (moderated) space on this site for members to upload things like this (engineering tips, pics, papers, etc).

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