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Thread: Formula SAE Michigan 2010 Competition: - Updates, Pictures, Stories, and More

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    Anyone here coming in from Europe? 2 of us tried to get into Michigan today coming in from London Heathrow, however the volcanic ash had other plans for us. Stuck in New York at JFK airport as the delay cause us to miss our connecting flight by 30 minutes....here for the next 12 hours.

    Oxford Brookes Univ.

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    Hey Pablo,

    6 of us are already here, but the rest is coming hopefully.

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    Hmmm I'm really worried about that stupid volcano... We are about to fly tomorrow from Greece and let's hope we will have no problems either here or in Amsterdam where we will get our connecting flight

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    We made it! We are at Detroit finally, no problems with the volcanic ash except a two-hour delay in our connecting flight from Amsterdam...

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    The news stations here in U.S. have nearly quit covering the air travel madness from the volcano in exchange for covering the spreading oil slick from the sunken oil derrick in the Gulf of Mexico, so here's hoping that you all make it through ok with plenty of time to spare.


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    Can't wait to see you guys there!
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    I've always tought that climate at Michigan relies on a switch that Claude hides on his briefcase...
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    The weather is looking halfway decent for tech tomorrow. It was real tough working in the pouring rain today inside the trailer.

    Good Luck to everyone, have fun, and stop by our trailer to check out our car!

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    Just want to say that it snowed in PA on the way to Detroit today. Awesome.
    Mike Cook
    It's an engineering competition, not an over-engineering competition!

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    Finding Problems with passing the car through the customs office.... and it isn't delivered yet.! Can anyone help?
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