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Thread: 2013 FSUK

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    "I reckon that is there was a drag racing class for cars similar to FSAE, they would design their cars completely different. After all, 100% of their points would come from the drag racing event, not 7.5%. I would also bet those cars would suck in an autocross.

    Sam Zimmerman"
    Quoted from 8 years ago. Boring just means that our calculations are correct and we get no surprises. Things just go according to plan.
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    Looking at its other properties I think we can agree that it would indeed be a pretty magical car

    I'll just take your post as a yes to my previous question:

    Originally posted by Thijs:
    Are you suggesting this is a car that can actually be built?
    I'd say you have all your work still ahead of you, explaining how you'd build tires that give you the 2G's you'd need to lift the nose of the car without downforce or burnouts.

    You can be sure I'll be on that plane with Bemo and Julian as soon as you call


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    Nitro?? Forget it!!! I would not touch that stuff with a 10 foot pole (to use an old English expression). Anyway, Dr. Andrew Deakin is now chairman of the FSAE Rules Committee, so anything you write to me goes (almost) nowhere.

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    Originally posted by Michael Royce:
    Nitro?? Forget it!!!
    I'm glad we agree, I was of course kidding

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    Originally posted by Bill_Murray:
    hahah you know your teeth are stealing all your brainpower

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    I don't get it???

    The picture is upside-down, and I was expecting to see lots of toothless grinning!


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    I took some photos during the weekend, which you can find here: http://rejsa.nu/forum/viewtopic.php?t=90257

    This is just a small sample, and if anyone wants some photos of their car, just send me a pm and I will see what I can find.

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