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Thread: EV - Steering angle and wheel RPM sensor

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    We are currently working on Formula Student Car- Type Electric. We are going for Active Differential this season. Steering sensor is thus an important component. Rulebook emphasizes on plausibility check for all the sensors related to X by wire by having two. As such there is no mention of plausibility of steering angle sensors but scrutineer might ask us this question.

    Currently we are using a Rotary potentiometer by Bosch that has a error pin with it. It has two sensing points and does the check itself. However, I am not sure that this would go un-questioned as hardware related failure modes may still turn the car into a boomerang.

    Please do suggest me whether I am worrying un-necessarily or is it justified ?

    Secondly, in the event we are provided with a DATA ACCUMULATOR by the organizers. Wheel RPM sensors were optional last year. Are they optional this year as well ? We are collecting the wheel RPM data anyways. Do we need to make a separate arrangement for these sensors or we can give them the data that we collected ?
    Mudit Dandwate
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    These are questions you should pose to the event organizers (which event are you planning to compete in?) and the rules guys of that event. They are the ones that will check your car for compliance with the rules and they are the ones that provide this "data accumulator", so they should know how it will be working.

    For the steering sensor question, Tobias Michaels is quite active in this forum and he is an electrical rules guy, he will be able to answer this question at least for the Formula Student Germany event.
    Tilman Schröder
    GETracing Dortmund, alumnus
    University of Technology Dortmund, Germany

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