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Thread: More pics from FSAE Detroit 2004

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    i was talking to one of the ETS guys that spoke great english after the panoramic pic and i think he said that everyone enjoyed the quality of thier body work, but they think thier car overheated because of the body and they didn't quite make it through the last couple of laps of the enduro because of it. Regardless i was one who enjoyed the body aswell
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    We have some pics on our website www.uow.edu.au/eng/racing and will keep putting more up in the next couple of weeks.

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    That radiator art is on the University of Arizona car. The Tucson Raceway Park sticker gives it away.

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    What is that cool black stuff that looks like a ram air intake? It cant be one since they already have the air intake with filter attached right?

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    Radiator duct. You can see the core layed sideways at the bottom of the shroud.

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    Dang this thread brings back memories.

    I'm sorry but the mid-2000s were some of the best years for FSAE. Everything was much more "engineering student project" and not "wannabe-F1".

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