These are some pictures from Detroit 2004. If you have some more please post them. I can host them if someone needs me to.
I already posted some pictures of our car.

Akron's Uprights – Our very own Travis made these for them in exchange for some stuff

CSUN – I liked the rear end

Carleton upright

Carleton tripod housing on wheel center

Carleton Wheel centers

Carleton Wheel

Colorado State gearbox – very cool.


Cornell – note the silver box for electronic wastegate control

Day 1 from our pit area – sunny and dry

ETS – one of my favorite cars
I would like to see some more pictures of this car if anyone else is willing to share

Guelph with 4 wheel drive

North Carolina State

Oregon State

RWTH Aachen this thing was awsome

The cone type CVT behind the Mahle engine

South Dakota School of Mines & Technology


At one of the truck stops on the way home

Univ Wisconsin-Madison
Another one of my favorites. Thanks to Lyn for taking some time to talk to me about adhesives and foamed aluminum.

U of Kansas

USC clever variable intake system – however the actuation was questionable. Maybe someone talked to them and could explain.


Trick carbon fiber wheels

UWA rear bulkhead

Sweet radiator art. We talked to these guys for a while but I can't remember which team it was.