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Thread: Cost Rules - Discussion of New 2009 Rules

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    Hi all,
    the process table gives an price for Suspension Setup per corner. What means the phrase "per corner"?



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    I am currently using (or rather, trying to use) the beta version, update #8. I was unaware that I was using a beta version of the application, so thank you for bringing that to my attention.

    I don't know if I am allowed to do this, but here is a link to the download. http://www.collegiatedesign.org/download/download.htm

    Good luck,
    Jeff Freeman
    Cal Poly FSAE 09

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    great! thanks for that!


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    I've noticed a major procedure not present in the listed procedures. Splinning? Has anyone dealt with this?

    Todd Finley
    2005 - Present
    Rutgers Formula Racing

    "The cost of racing hasn't increased in 30 years. Back then, it took everything you had. And it still does."

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    See my post on page 2 and Bill's response. That may help you. Form cutting is how we've been costing our splined parts so far (though i'm told by the engineer on that project that the splining we get done is not form cutting, but we didn't have time to address that prior to the cutoff.)
    Ryan Trickett

    Administrative Director,

    University of Washington Formula SAE, Team 19, 20, 21

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    I apologize if this has already been addressed through the rules or other announcements. This is the first year our team is attending 2 competitions, Michigan and California. While the rules state that a single cost report can be submitted for Michigan and California (by the Michigan deadline) may we also submit 1 for Michigan by the April 1st deadline and work to improve it further by the May 1st deadline and submit this improved one for California?

    Thanks Bill.
    Ryan Trickett

    Administrative Director,

    University of Washington Formula SAE, Team 19, 20, 21

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    Dear Mr Riley,
    I wanted to ask you where do I have to insert the plumbing in cost report, becausethere isn't a table like the material or the processes...Do I have to insert them under material?

    Thank you very much

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    I have a question concerning the finish of one of our parts. After the manufacturing these parts are heattreated. This cure is not included in the process cost table for steel (!). How should we handle that? Also another process (browning) is used to treat that part.
    Thank you very much in advance.

    Best regards,

    Thomas Mueller-Werth

    suspension jr08evo
    joanneum racing graz

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    Table Updates
    I have just posted updated versions of most of the tables to fsaeonline.com. These include many of the AIR's we have received but not all. We will continue to work to process them and get them into the tables throughout the week and weekend for Michigan.

    Cost Software
    Jeff Freeman posted a link to download a beta test version of the software. He wasn't supposed to do this and will now be famous for all time. But since he did anyone who wants to download and try the application go ahead. I have removed it from the former link and now made it available for download from fsaeonline.com. If you already downloaded it please read the disclaimer that appears when you download from fsaeonline.com so you understand the limitations with this current release. There are several known problems that we are trying to work through. If you try to use the software for your Michigan event you may be sorry, but at the same time it maybe useful for some of you, so I've decided to put it out there and let you all decide what you want to do yourselves. Remember, whatever you send in hard copy will be judged for accuracy and it is your responsibility to verify all information before you send it.

    The table updates that we have been making aren't necessarily in the application and the data that is stored when you download is very old. To get the changes we have been making you have to synchronize your data with our server. I have to put in the new authentication numbers that were distributed before that will work.

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    Out of curiosity and to help all of the teams...

    What were some of the common cost report errors made at the Virginia competition?

    This process seems to be very new; What are some of things teams have been forgetting to cost?
    I am not a cost judge, I'm on the Rules Committee so I haven't reviewed the cost reports for Virginia. My advice: if every gram of mass on the car is accounted for in the cost report you are off to a good start, from the valve stems to the head rest foam and everything in between.

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