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Thread: Cost Rules - Discussion of New 2009 Rules

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    I just looked in the new material table, and I don't see any motec M800 (we use it also).

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    Mr. Riley,
    I should have asked this earlier, but I notice that in the suspension there is an assembly section for rodends. I have been including rodends in individual assemblies; do I need to change that?

    Also, "suspension Mechanism," does that refer to the Anti-roll bars?


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    Mr. Riley,

    Under the electrical system what is meant by a Battery Brake Light?


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    Mr Riley,

    Thanks for being so responsive on the forum so far, helps a lot. On a more general note, will the Access application be usable by British teams for the Formula Student event too? I noticed in the video it requires a PIN, will we be provided with one?

    Abhi Mittal
    Electronics, University of Manchester Formula Student

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    Hi Mr. Riley,

    Looking at the electronics process section I've noticed that the cost of shrinking heat shrink tubing ('Shrink Tube') is $0.15/cm. Considering taping the wire bundle ('Taping Wire Bundle') is $0.04/m, would it not be reasonable to cost heatshrinking per meter as well?

    Also, will you be adding velcro to the materials list? Is an AIR required?

    Nicholas Burgwin.

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    Mr. Riley

    Could you explain the interaction between parts, assemblies, and systems? From what I understand the assemblies are all specified in Appendix C-3. However, I get confused when brake fluid, bulbs, or lug nuts are considered seperate assemblies. How do I seperate m,p,f,t costs between parts and assemblies? I know this is often situation specific but could I have some guidelines?

    Tim Hoyt
    Cedarville University FSAE 09

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    Ben: Sorry about that, I didn't realize we were waiting on a response back from Motec. I confirmed it today and it will be added at $1650.

    Pierre-Olivier: When you say rod ends are an assembly do you mean in the BOM tab of the Excel file or Appendix C-3. That is a left over from the old rules that I need to fix. Rod Ends should be included wherever you feel is convenient which I would expect would be within the part or assembly that uses them.

    George: Which line item are you asking about? I didn't see it when I checked the latest tables. We've added so many I can't remember it.

    Abhi Mittal: Yes, the application will be usable for the overseas events. You will receive an authentication number from your competition organizing group. The US organizers are currently putting together the information for the overseas events but we're expecting one set of rules for everyone.

    Burg: I believe the wire bundle taping is a typo and should be $.04/cm. Obviously there isn't a ratio of 375 between heat shrink tubing and taping the wire bundle. I will review whether we want to fix this.

    Tim: C3 doesn't speceficy all the assemblies, but rather it tells you under which system to include common assemblies. The actual break down of the assemblies/parts is up to you. However, we want the general makeup to be as shown in C3 because the judges divide up the workload so the wheel & tire judge will be expecting to see wheel bearings, for example so if he/she doesn't you might get a penalty for "forgetting" the wheel bearings.

    I hope this helps. So to answer your question a bit more, brake fluid doesn't need to be it's own assembly but it should be in the brake section.

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    Thank you. I appreciate all your work on our behalf.

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    Just for clarification, are we allowed to add rows to the BOM? I know it says not to modify the format but if there are items not listed or covered by subassemblies can we add lines?

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    Mr. Riley,

    Under the fasteners section of the process table the unit of measure is "unit", this means per fastener right?

    Thanks for all your help,

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