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Thread: 1 brand new set Goodyear D2704 20.0 x 7 - 13

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    I have a set of Goodyear D2704 20.0 x 7 - 13 for sale. These now-discontinued tires that have been in dry, dark climate-controlled storage for about 1 year.

    They are located in Alabama, will sell for $900 shipped.

    I figured I'd put these out there in case anyone is desperate for them for the 2013 comp. For the price I can get a set of Hoosiers to replace them. If I can't get $900 for them I will just use them myself.

    cpmaverick @ gmail.com
    -Charlie Ping

    Auburn FSAE Alum 00-04

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    You got mail...
    HAWKS Racing e.V. - UAS Hamburg
    Head of Suspension 2010&2012
    STAT - Special Tools and Tactics 2011&2013

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    -Charlie Ping

    Auburn FSAE Alum 00-04

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