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Thread: Possible Reduced Dealer Price for Aprilia SXV/RXV Engine

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    I know there is a lot of interest in the Aprilia engine. I am trying to get an idea about how many of teams would be interested in purchasing an engine at a reduced dealer price and/or possibly with a simulation data package tailored to the needs of a FSAE team. If you would please be specific as to the type of engine you would use (550cc or 450cc, rxv or sxv), a conservative estimate as to how many engines you would be interested in purchasing, and what type of spare parts would you be interested in purchasing, I would love to hear your feedback.

    Andy Richmond

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    We would be interested in seeing what type of deal you would be able to get. We would need 2-3 engines initially with one engine year after that. Also would need some common spare parts such as gaskets, etc.
    As for the type, we would want the sxv550. We would want them just as a crate motor since we really wouldn't want to pay extra for any work that we could do ourselves.

    Also, what type of simulation data are you talking about?

    Keep us posted.
    Karl Jensen
    Oregon State University FSAE
    Engine Team

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    We'd want at least 2 engines with 2 head gaskets, 4 clutch kits, a valve shim kit, two voltage regulators, ignition coils if not provided, and ignition coil sub-harness. If the engines weigh roughly the same then we'd want the 550.

    And we would buy another engine the following year.

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    Currently I am working on a business model that would allow me to source these engines in such a way that I could provide a better value for FSAE teams. By "better value" I am thinking about a reduced price or simulation data package or some combination of both.

    With regards to simulation data, currently I am considering offering the
    cam lobe profile data, cylinder head flow data and basic geometry, as well
    as basic specifications. Essentially all the information you need to get
    a WAVE or GT Power model up and running with accurate enough data to
    design your gas exchange systems.

    As well as simulation data, I am considering offering a detailed CAD model
    obtained via a laser scanner or Faro arm.

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    I'd say our team is interested, but we definetely need to have a ball park figure before we say we truly want one.
    Conor Riordan
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    Same with us. Let me know when you get an estimate.
    Sooner Racing Team
    University of Oklahoma
    Chief Engineer 08-09
    Team Captain 06-08


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    FYI - the 07 rxv/sxv has been discontinued as a result of a modification/redesign and is no longer available and the 08 model I am told is more expensive. Any price I may quote will be based on the 08 model unless otherwise specified.

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    Depending on the cost and what all is included in the computer simulation, we might be interested

    our 01 yamaha R6 is a great package, but its getting harder and harder to find 99-02 R6 motors that are neither junkers nor still attached to bikes, and the sxv550 seems like a very attractive alternative

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    We are interested in running the SVX550 for 08-09. We would likely buy two.

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    We would be interested in buying 1 SXV 550 as soon as possible and probably another one during the summer.
    MoTeC Systems East
    UNC Charlotte FSAE (06-09)

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