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Thread: Teams from India

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    it is de same story in our university too.....de coll thinks tht these competitions r inferior compared to de fsae baja and supermileage competitions.....we r fighting it out to keep it alive.....but the problem comin in is with de money input...n i really appreciate de team frm DCE which has offered help in locatin dealers for parts

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    Dem jungle drumz iz stil bangin

    Speak English on this Forum please

    The trick is ... There is no trick!

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    In response to your college not giving you a lot of money, I think it is a fair assumption to say that most teams in the US are also primary funded by outside sponsors. Until this year when I begged and begged and they gave me money to leave them alone, we were only getting $5,000 from our school. This year we convinced them to give us $10,000. Still a drop in the bucket relative to the total operating costs.

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    Pat you're the man. The jungle drums had cringing.

    But putting the bongos away for a second, I kind of understand what your college is getting at when they say that fsae is inferior, to say baja and supermilage. From what I've seen and heard, a baja team is a lot cheaper to run than a fsae team. So to them they are more efficient. Or at least they do stand a fighting chance with the budget the college can give them.
    So if you don't pay tuition like we do lately, you really really really need to find some sponsors.

    And to answer your question about when to look for sponsors: ALWAYS.
    Always look for people who might be able to support you one way and the other. From my experience, companies are more willing to give you whatever material they sell or whatever manufacturing capacity they've left. So if you come across a company name, let's say in a newspaper article talking about that wonderful product they've just introduced, look them up and see if they produce something you need.

    That said getting money isn't bad either. These sponsors are like rare gems, you'll only find them after quite some digging and you'll have to treasure them.

    Josef Duschl
    www.munichmotorsport.de Alumni
    2007&2008 DAQ & Steering Wheel
    Solving the problems, you wouldn't have without computers.

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    hey prithvi,please write proper english,this is not your mobile phone man,this is a forum,
    i think u havent read the rules
    and yes respect pat and listen to what he says.
    ankit dhingra
    delhi college of engineering
    "hamilton rules"
    ankit dhingra

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    Hi guys !
    This post was to facilitate information flow !
    But where is the information ??!!!?
    Is there any event which does not clash with the "Indian University" exam dates. !?
    The only one FSAE-A and now thats also preponed this time !
    Any ideas ???

    Himanshu Gupta
    NITK Racing.
    National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra

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    hey guys this is not going to work this way

    i am starting a community on orkut by the name of FSAE INDIA

    we can discuss everything there in a much easier fashion.

    we together can take ourselves to great levels...

    please join the group....
    Hiren G Patel

    FS Orion Combustion (Founder Member)
    -------Prototype '06
    -------Powertrain Lead '06 '07 '08 '09
    -------Composites guy '10
    -------Technical Director '10
    -------Technial Advisor/Mentor '12

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    i really apologise for the inappropriate usage of english language.sorry pat,it will not happen again..i will abide by the rules of the forum..

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    @ Hiren

    While i appreciate your effort for a better information flow between the Indian teams who face quite a similar set of problems which may/may not be different from the problems faced by our amercian/european counterparts, i do strongly feel that this approach defeats one major purpose of our participation in FSAE. This approach would be trying to restrict the information flow and in effect restricting ourselves and working with a closed mindset. This competition is about coming together at a common platform building the car to the best of your abilities(the abilities include your ability to fight the problems that crop up including finances, college authorities etc and not just your technical skills) and competing with some of the best in the world. While having a thread on this forum to facilitate smoother information flow of information and create a better brotherhood amongst teams is good, having a separate forum altogether is going a little overboard.


    Please treat this thread as a medium to echange contacts and extend the kind of support you can to the others. For posting queries and doubts please use the forum as the others do. and do read the rules, both for the event and the forum. Search tool is REALLY useful and would help you a lot. Please do note that the forum is for exchanging ideas, mind boggling issues and stuff not easy to find in books but better learnt from experience. This is not a shortcut for reading and doing meaningful calculations/simulations etc. Such an attempt on this thread and/or any other forum would take meaning away from this effort. And remember, each one can make a huge contribution to the meaningful expantion of the forum.


    Start by reading books. As far as reading books, there is no end to reading and gaining information. You will get lot of meaningful knowledge about design and fabrication of spaceframes (which you would/should be considering looking at all the constraints) and you can take it from there.

    All the best to everyone....

    Nitesh Bidasaria
    FS-UK - 2005-2007
    Team Captain 2006,07
    Defianz Racing,

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    hey nitesh,

    your point is quite valid , i did think someone would raise it up, and am glad u did...

    first of all am not asking you to cut off from this forum both work parallel...

    2. this is completely my point of view but i wouldnt support country specific talk on an international forum as i believe it would cause inconvinience to other forum users

    3. i would like to help budding indian fsae teams at a much personal level... basically someone from your own country has gone through the same shit , why not ask him rather than put your question out in front of people who do not have any clue about our situation... if not satisfied than he can definately put it up here to, though i feel the chances are few he wont be... or he can do both simultaneoulsy...

    3. importing of parts --

    we all have been going to diff events all around the year so why not ask say any team going to a competition 6 months prior to us to get us parts such as tires or anything else... hell i dnt mind buying them at a premium if i can evade the import duty.

    4. exchange of parts, books , facilities (i dnt mind exchanging sponsors, we dnt have anyways )-

    u have one part u arent using , i need the same one for my car , all i do is put it up on our forum if u were interested we both would profit by this.... shipping in india is cheaper than international shipping.

    5. information -

    dynos , bike dealers and other part dealers in india all their contact can be put on our forum in a different thread.. so anyone can use it. i wouldnt put it up on an international forum where it would be of little use to anyone else...

    6. SELECT A COMMON PLACE(THE KARI)and TIME and we RACE unrestricted
    (this is my personal gain thing u can say , would be a pleasure LAPPING U :-)

    and all other crazy things we do , u know u cant really brag about doing a burout in an HONDA CITY
    i mean these guys wouldnt understand why would u do it on a family sedan they have skylines to do that, but thats what we have and we have fun with that rite??and also the post u put up on off topic about the pulsar 220 add, well only we could appreciate a punny 220 cc in our forum....

    and last but not the least we have to accept that the platform we are standing on is a little lower than other international teams...and i believe its just the facilities which used well gives them experience coined with studying books gives them the edge ,thats my understanding, its just a matter of time we bridge this gap...

    its your wish guys..........


    (being diplomatic is bloody difficult)

    Hiren G Patel

    FS Orion Combustion (Founder Member)
    -------Prototype '06
    -------Powertrain Lead '06 '07 '08 '09
    -------Composites guy '10
    -------Technical Director '10
    -------Technial Advisor/Mentor '12

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