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Thread: Teams from India

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    Hello all,

    This post is addressed to all the Indian teams. We all face the same problems. All of us would agree that the time we spend looking for dealers is huge compared to other teams.

    If we could have a smoother information flow between us, I guess that would save a lot of time for all of us.

    Lets give our contact details on this thread. Here are the details for

    Team Raftar@IIT Madras:
    Vineet Bhandari, vineet.iitm@gmail.com, +919840131139

    Cooperate to dominate!!
    What say!!
    Vineet Bhandari

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    Hi all !
    Agree with you Vineet. Although you have a certain edge as you are based in an IIT!
    I am also looking forward to a smooth information flow between the cash stripped Indian teams.
    We do not have much of cash and also the curriculums are too strict and rigid. There is no space for an innovative endeavor. I am also a bit more afraid of this as formally I am pursuing B-tech in IT! but my love for automobiles called me to undertake the suspension systems of our car.
    Looking forward to replies by all Indian team members.....

    Himanshu Gupta
    NITK Racing.
    National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra.

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    I completely agree with Himanshu. Its good to see someone from IT doing suspension systems of the car. This shows how passionate you are about working on cars.
    Our college being the most experienced in this field in India can help other teams in locating suppliers, figuring out logistics problems etc.
    We have been fighting with our college to keep this project going for the past three years and its very hard to be competitive in such circumstances when your college doesnt support you financially and morally.
    Our college feels that hybrids and other competitions like SAE Supermileage etc. are the future but they dont realise that after working on a FSAE car one can learn about almost all technical aspects of a car which is not so in the case of other competitions like SAE Baja and Supermileage.
    Three cheers to Formula SAE

    Harsh Aggarwal
    Defianz Racing
    Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi

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    i doubt anyone should disagree ,
    gentlemen , we must race our vehicles some time

    Hiren Patel
    Tech Head - Powertrain
    K.J.Somaiya coll .of Engg. ,Bombay
    Hiren G Patel

    FS Orion Combustion (Founder Member)
    -------Prototype '06
    -------Powertrain Lead '06 '07 '08 '09
    -------Composites guy '10
    -------Technical Director '10
    -------Technial Advisor/Mentor '12

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    Great initiative,
    We are in.

    Rishabh Bhandari
    Overall Coordinator,
    Formula SAE,
    IIT Bombay,
    Ph. - 09869698763

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    We are in too...
    Working on this project, everybody have the same problems... same headaches, similar university troubles....

    I welcome this initiative by Vineet, who incidentally are registered for same event as we are... FSAE Japan...

    I think everyone should start with mentioning where they are headed this year...

    Arpit Gupta
    Team Leader
    Torque India RC
    LIET, Alwar

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    thumbs up to hiren's call for racing our vehicles!!......

    Thapar University

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    Hi all !
    Today we got a 1950 Chevy engine running which was lying in our college waste basket for the last 40 years !!
    This was I think enough for our stingy govt. college to prove ourselves !!

    But guys how to proceed once we get some money(although difficult) ?

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    hello guys...this is harish from fsae@sastra university......we hav begun work on de chasis(de design stages man).......we wud lyk to hav ur guidance n advice for proceedin on wid de work.......hope u guys help us out.....so wen xactly did u guys go on findin sponsors???

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    Oooh, I love those posts that come in on the jungle drums!!
    The trick is ... There is no trick!

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