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Thread: ANSYS

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    anyone to give some advises about ansys

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    Use ABAQUS or NASTRAN instead

    ...Sorry, can't help...
    Aaron Johnston
    Waterloo FSAE '02-'06
    RCR #31 Team Engineer

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    There are actually good tutorials to be found online. if you google "ANSYS tutorial" you should find some good stuff.
    If it ain't broke
    It doesn't have enough features

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    What kind of advice do you need?

    If you Google "carnegie mellon, ansys" you should get some nice tutorials.
    Erik WO
    Temple University FSAE

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    those tutorials (from our new SAE advisor, of all things), are found at http://www.caetutorials.com. There are tutorials for ansys, solidworks, pro/e, matlab, mathcad, and our rapid prototyper.
    Mike Miles
    Carnegie Mellon SAE/Carnegie Mellon Racing -- Formula SAE 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

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    University of Alberta has some pretty good turorials too.

    They've helped me a lot !

    here's the link http://www.mece.ualberta.ca/tutorials/ansys/

    Hope this helps.

    Frederic D'Amours
    Chassis team leader
    Université Laval

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    any good tutorial on NASTRAN?

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    Your IT guy at uni should be able to hook you up with the NASTRAN/PATRAN documentation cds that come with the install discs. They have some tutes on them last time I checked.



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