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Thread: How many AIRs are required

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    If I'm splitting my battery pack in two segments of 100V. The combine tractive system voltage is 200V then how many AIRs do I need.

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    Billy Wight
    University of California, San Diego - Formula SAE 2004-2006

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    How 6.33?

    Can I use an AIR common for both the accumulato segment. So, I will be using 3 AIRs. Will that be legal?

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    Sorry you have not introduce yourself... You are.....?
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    How 6.33?
    No, not 6.33, 6.33333!
    Billy Wight
    University of California, San Diego - Formula SAE 2004-2006

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    Firstly I'd like to second Claude. Usually new members shortly introduce themselves so others have an idea where they come from etc.

    But answering your question is quite simple. Every battery containment must have two AIRs to disonnect the outgoing wires from the cells. If you split a 200V stack into two 100V stacks and put them into seperate containments you still must have two AIRs in each containment. This is the only way that as long as your tractive system is shut down, there is no cable outside an accumulator containment connected to a cell.

    As the AIRs are quite large, heavy and expensive, of course you don't like to need four of them. But that is the disadvantage of having multiple containments and something you have to consider while making this design decision.
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